How To: Red Carpet Lashes

So on a typical day I just swipe a few applications of mascara on my lashes and I’m good to go. However, if there is a special event coming up I like to take a little extra time to make my eyelashes look fabulous. I’m not a fan of false lashes because I tend to have dry eyes so if they water then the glue starts coming undone as well as my false lashes and its an absolute mess. So, after constant testing and researching different products I have the most perfect formula to get those gorgeous lashes!

Lash Boost R&F – So I had seen tons of before/after pictures with people who use lash boost, but I can be a bit skeptical because I like to see certain beauty products on someone in person versus pictures. I noticed one of my friends eyelashes looked amazing one day. So much to the point that I asked her where she got her eyelash extensions and she told me that she had actually been using R&F lash boost for several weeks and had just put on a coat or two of mascara. They looked SO full and long so I figured why not give it a try? One of my sweet sorority sisters had sent me a tube and I was hooked. I couldn’t tell a difference the first week and patience is not my strong suit but I kept applying every night and after week three I was seriously BLOWN AWAY at how much longer my lashes were. I don’t use half as much mascara as I used to because I don’t need that extra product anymore! So if you’ve seen the lash boost hype all over Facebook, but are on the fence about purchasing it, I highly recommend it if you are wanting to grow your lashes! E-mail for more info to order!

Lash Curler- So before I start applying anything I like to curl my lashes first. This is my absolute favorite lash curler because it has soft silicone pads so you won’t have to worry about pinching or any of your lashes breaking off. They also provide an extra 2 silicone pads as well so you’re stocked up. It curls them super quickly so you don’t have to do it a million times which is what I had to do before I bought this one. It’s literally like giving a face lift to your eyelashes and preps them for smooth product application! Get it here.

Lash Primer- I feel like this is the secret ingredient in this entire fabulous lash recipe. I don’t know why no one ever talks about eyelash primer. It makes such a world of a difference and helps your mascara go on evenly. The biggest thing that I notice about using this primer is I can tell that it’s really lengthening my lashes and getting them ready to apply mascara. You also won’t need to apply as many coats of mascara if you have primer on. Get it here.

Mascara- Use whatever mascara you prefer! I know different people are loyal to certain brands of mascara. I’m no different as I’ve always been a die-hard fan of L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara. However, I have just fallen head over heals in love with a new mascara by Thrive Causemetics. All of their products are vegan, cruelty free, and has zero traces of any parabens or sulfates and with every purchase they donate an item to a woman in need suffering from either cancer or domestic abuse. So, not only are they a wonderful company but their liquid lash extensions mascara is the most amazing product I’ve ever used. In just a few swipes my lashes are fuller, and much longer. I’ve actually had people ask me if I’m wearing falsies or extensions because it really gets the job done. It is seriously liquid gold in a bottle. You have to pre-order it because it sells out so quickly so next time I’m ordering multiples! Get it here.

Lash comb- I used to use tweezers to separate my eyelashes which sounds really safe. Thankfully, I came across this lash comb which is much more effective. If your lashes look a little clumpy or too thick I always love to run this through while my mascara is still wet so it separates them thus making them look more even and natural. You can also use them to comb your brows as well. I love this tool and it definitely adds the perfect finishing touch! Get it here.






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  1. Emily O'Donnell

    Love this!! I just got the lash curler and lash comb- absolutely love both! And ordered the lash boost!!


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