Best Make-Up Brushes/Applicators

Alright I’m having to change my format a little bit on this product review because of how many things I squeezed in this post so just bare with me! I honestly feel like applying make-up can be a breeze if you have the right tools. My husband and I travel a lot and there was one time where I forgot a lot of my make-up brushes. I ran into the nearest drugstore and just bought the cheapest brushes with no thorough research whatsoever (CRINGE). I could tell a MASSIVE difference when I was done applying my make-up. Nothing looked smooth or even which made my face look like a hot mess. It wasn’t up until that point that I realized just how important it was to have a good collection of brushes. Think of it this way.. you are an artist about to paint your face and for that you need the correct tools/brushes in order to achieve the perfect finished product, AKA your beautiful face!

Foundation: Beauty Blender

Okay so I didn’t understand all the hype about a beauty blender until I purchased one. I used to go to CVS and just buy those triangle make up sponges for my foundation because I could not justify spending over $20 on an actual sponge. The joke is on me now because I fully understand why make-up artists are absolutely crazy about it. Your product goes on so smoothly and it blends your foundation effortlessly. I run it under water beforehand and then squeeze out the excess water so it’s a little damp and I swear it makes the biggest difference in your application. I use the rounded bottom part for my foundation and the pointed tip with my liquid highlighter. I’ve now learned that I cannot cut corners when it comes to having a great tool to apply foundation so consider me a HUGE fan! Get it here.

Concealer: Sheiseido Concealer Brush

Your world is going to change once you start using your concealer with a brush vs. your fingers. I never thought I needed a brush to apply my concealer and felt like it was such a frivolous purchase. I started noticing that I was getting more product on my hand than on my face and, needless to say, it got all over my hand towels which was pretty frustrating. However, this brush has completely changed my make-up routine because of how much I use it. It basically glides your concealer on and makes it SO easy to blend. I now have a much more controlled application that distributes the color evenly. Get it here.

Setting Powder: MAC 129SH Powder Brush

If you wear liquid foundation I HIGHLY recommend a good setting powder. My absolute, hands-down, all-time favorite is Laura Mercier’s setting powder. I’ve written about it in multiple posts and I feel like this is one product I cannot live without. However, with a great setting powder comes great responsibility. This means you’re gonna need a kick-ass brush. MAC has always been one of my favorite beauty brands and their brush really takes the cake. It applies your powder evenly and the bristles are SO soft. Get it here.

Countouring: Sephora PRO Contour Brush

Does anyone remember several years ago (before contouring was a thing) just going absolutely balls to the wall crazy caking bronzer, especially the shimmer-y kind, ALL over your face?! The best part is looking at back at pictures and realizing your face was a different color than your body. Feeling #BLESSED those days are long gone and contouring is now a thing. I feel like a lot of contouring brushes can be big and overwhelming which is why I love this one because it’s smaller which I think makes for a more precise application. It says it can be used for blush but I use this one strictly for contouring. Get it here.

Blush: Real Techniques Blush Brush

When searching for a good blush brush I make sure it’s big and fluffy so it’s able to easily deposit color. You would think that with how well this brush functions plus the super high quality of the bristles that it would be well over $30 – but SURPRISE because it’s only $9. Yeah you heard me right. NINE DOLLARS. I purchased it at Ulta awhile ago and the woman working told me that her and all of the other employees use that brush and love it along with the other 1000+ reviewers online who gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Get it here.

Eyebrow: Urban Decay Pro Angled Brow Brush

I normally use a brow pencil for my eyebrows but if I’m getting all dressed up I put a little more time into them by using a powder on top of the pencil application to make everything look more streamlined and even. I use this flat angle brush by Urban Decay (another make-up brand I absolutely love). It makes for a very precise application and because the brush head is flat it deposits much more pigment so a little goes a very long way. Get it here.

On a fun end note- I was nominated by a sweet blogger friend for the ‘fearless’ award. You can visit her website here. She’s got some killer style & on top of that is so sweet! So here are 5 ‘fearless’ secrets of mine.

1. I had thought about starting a blog for YEARS – & am so glad I finally grew a pair and did it.

2. I have watched every season of The Office multiple times.

3. I’m great at cooking but HORRIBLE at baking.

4. 6 a.m. Barre3 classes are my happy place.

5. I was born in Stockholm, Sweden.





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