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Hair Product Favorites

December 18, 2016

So before you read any further let me explain my hair type. It’s naturally stick straight and rarely holds a curl. I have very fine hair- but a lot of it which also means my hair gets oily very easily. It’s pretty difficult to find hair products that don’t weigh it down. Most of the products I own can actually be used for any hair type! I’ve tried out so many different products/brands but these are my top 5 favorites that I use all the time. read more


Tried & True: Lipsense

December 14, 2016

So as of several weeks ago I had never heard of Lipsense. I was a religious user of my Kylie Jenner lipsticks, but was not a fan of how it started to flake off after just a few hours of wear. I started reading up on Lipsense and was shocked by the kiss-proof, smudge-proof, water-proof guarantee. PSH YEAH RIGHT, I had thought to myself, until my friend posted a video of her wearing it and drinking out of her Starbucks coffee cup. There was no lip stain at all on the mouthpiece of the coffee cup- whatsoever. It instantly pulled me in and knew I had to try it out. Results can be found below. I cannot be made responsible for the faces I make while putting on lipstick. read more